Sick and Tired of Doing Texting Games The Old Way? Read This

Everyone loves having fun. With the help of digital technology availing smartphones, sending text messages has become excellent especially for long distance relationship partners.Read more about text games at  texting games for girls   . Am not talking about the boring, typical texting conversations though. All the more reasons I'm giving you interesting game ideas to entertain you and your friends!
Build stories
This is a very interesting game to play on the phone with your boyfriend or girlfriend. For example, you could build a love story by beginning with a single line of a fairy tale story. Let your partner continue the story and then you could give each other turns to write a few more words. Maybe you could start with "Once upon a time there was a girl" and your partner could respond with "she was very beautiful". Continue to mold the story into something interesting.
Questions games
These games can be very interesting when performed them via texting. It could be a 20 questions game where one of you can think of something or someone and let your partner try to guess at what or who you were thinking by asking 20 questions that need yes/no answers.Read more about text games at  games to play on the phone with your boyfriend   . Or it could betexting them a series of daring questions such as"would you rather hug me or win a lottery?" All in all these are some of the best flirty games to play over text.
Personal quizzes
 Another incredible game, especially if you just started getting to know each other. This game requires asking questions, more so personal, that you might not know about each other. You could ask about their favorite hobbies, dishes, pets, movies or song lyrics. Texting could never be more exciting!
Name games
It is one of the extremely easy and fun 2 person texting games one could choose. Choose a topic like plants, animals, countries, towns or cities. Since only one of you should begin the word game, he or she should text a word and the partner should text back another word that commences with the last letter of the latter players word. The game will go on and on. 

These texting games for girls and boys are totally awesome. You can also find adult-themed games if you like. There is absolutely no need to rely on game applications to keep you and your friends entertained. Rest assured these texting games will work for you!